Project Intercom

May 12, 2017

#NMCT#Python#OpenCv#Azure#IoT hub#MQTT


The idea behind this project was to create a smart intercom that would allow yourself or someone you know access to a secured area. For example when a friend wants to come and visit but you are not there yet, you could give this friend access to your house through an app. The app would generate a QR code which your friend then can use to gain access to your house. The intercom reads the QR code and checks if it’s valid or not and opens the door. The intercom also confirms that it is your friend using the QR-code taking a picture of the person in front of your door and sending it to you.

Just like a normal intercom you can use it to observe the person who is in front of your door. The intercom sends you a picture of the person and then you can decide to open the door remotely, using the app, if it’s someone you know. If you are still not certain it is the person who you think it is you can also just watch the livestream of the intercom to see what’s up.



  • Raspberry Pi
  • PIR sensor
  • Raspberry Pi camera

Used Technologies

Summary of the most important used technologies:

  • OpenCv (facial recognition, ...)
  • Azure IoT hub (relaying messages)
  • Azure blob storage (storing images)

Source Code


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